You’re next!

Tiffany Miller, a gorgeous lady in her late 20s was working as an attendant in Grand Canyon Parkway, Nevada. She was too appealing to work in a mall. Out of fate and for the sake of her survival, she had to slog a lot. Tiffany was soft-spoken and down to earth.

One day, when she was arranging piles of clothes in a rack, a tall and handsome man approached her. Tiffany asked in a polite tone, how may I help you, sir?

“Hello gorgeous lady, I am Steve Brown”, said Steve. He asked, “Would you like to go on a date with me?” Tiffany was scared; her expressions depicted that she was bewildered. Don’t panic girl. I am asking you for a date only. Tiffany nodded.

That evening, Steve went to pick up Tiffany at her small, not so pleasant apartment in a luxurious BMW Z4. He took her to Bistro 221 restaurant in Nevada City. He arranged a romantic candle light dinner and proposed her to marry him. Tiffany was shocked to hear this. She was speechless. Steve assured her that he would take a good care of her, fulfil all her wishes, and love her like no one would have ever did.

Tiffany and her husband Steve were married for 2 years now. They both shared a beautiful married life. Steve, for the first time after marriage, had to go out of California for his business deal. Steve went to Europe and Tiffany stayed back at home. Every day they used to call each other and talk about each little thing they did in whole day. Almost 3 months passed like this. One day she dialled Steve’s number but could not connect to him. She tried again and again, but there was no answer from Steve. She thought he might be busy with work; she waited for a day to end and hoped that Steve will call her at night. There was not a single call. A day passed and a night went sleepless, Tiffany felt jittery. 2 days passed in vain.

She knew nothing about Steve’s friends, relatives, or business colleagues. She had no means to reach him. She went to police station and reported that she was not able to get in touch with her husband. They reported a complaint of missing husband and consoled her to calm down. They assured her to find out her husband soon. Tiffany went home; her eyes were filled with tears and she was afraid if something happened to Steve.

A month passed by, yet there was no news from Steve. The cops used to visit Tiffany with no good news. After a few days, she received a call from a stranger. The screen flashed “Private number calling…” Her hands trembled, her heart pounded faster; in a shaky voice, she answered the call. A male voice with heavy tone said, “You’re next!” and hanged up the call. Tiffany was frightened. She again received a call after a few minutes; she was afraid of answering the call. She picked up the call and before she could speak anything, the same voice came from the other side, “You’re next, Tiffany! You’re next!”

She called 911. The cops arrived. She narrated what happened in past few hours. Mr. George Smith was a tall man with perfect physique and the most vigorous cop. He asked his subordinate to trace all the details of Tiffany’s mobile number. Within 2 hours, Tiffany’s mobile number report was handed over to Mr. Smith. He was shocked to see that there were no incoming calls reported in last 2 days. He asked Tiffany if she was sure about the frightening calls she received a few hours ago. She nodded. Mr. Smith, then, started talking to his subordinate about the case, told Tiffany that they will get back, and left.

2 weeks later, suddenly Steve came back. He was surprised to see Tiffany standing in the balcony. She was unrecognizable. Steve went up to the balcony. Tiffany stood there motionless. He took her in his arms and kissed her forehead. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she softly asked him, “Where were you, Steve?” He did not speak for a few minutes.

“Calm down my love, I am here with you”, said Steve. “I am sorry that I could not reach out to call you. It was a big mess in Europe; somehow I could run away from there and came back.”

3 weeks passed.

Steve was back to normal life. He used to wake up and get ready; while his wife used to make a cup of tea for him for breakfast. Steve used to mock, “2 spoons of sugar, my love”. They both used to have tea, bread butter, and cereals every morning. Later, they used to talk to each other and spend amorous moments. It all went usual as it was going since he returned back until one day when the cops visited his house.

Mr. Smith introduced himself to Steve. Steve offered him to sit and talk about the matter. Mr. Smith started to describe from the beginning every little detail that has happened in past few months. Steve was listening to him. We tried to find you but we had no clue. He also mentioned how Tiffany got frightening calls from someone and when they traced her number, there was no record of those calls.

Perspiration ran down Steve’s forehead; he was becoming hyper. Mr. Smith was noticing his face and tensed expressions. He felt something unusual; still he continued narrating the incidents.

With a low tone, Mr. Smith said, “I have something to tell you; something that you won’t be able to hear.”

Steve, with a panicky tone asked, “What is it?”

“We are sorry, Steve. Your wife is dead a month ago. We found her body in the balcony.”