Holding me by my waist,

Teasing my lips with his,

He pushed me against the wall.

Filled with his aroma, his room

Felt warm and mellow.


Uncoiling my curls, and

Smelling my nape; his

Fingers slithered down

Under my dress.


Twitching my hands, he

Tied me to the window lattice.

Unbuttoning my shirt, and

Viciously snogging my bosom, he

Aroused my desires.


Lost in his succulent love,

I was enchanted, and

Closed my eyes.

Feeling safe and snug

In his arms, until

My reverie broke to find

Him on bed with

Another – her!


What if…

What if I told you,
You’re the only one
From the day I proposed you.

What if I told you,
You’re never the one
After I caught you evading.

What if I told you,
It hurts when I see you
In the pictures with her.

What if I told you,
I was downtrodden by you, and
Nightmares exterminates my peace.

What if I told you,
The wounds hurt deep, and
I’m dying every moment.

What if I told you,
Heartbreaks are deadly; and
Betrayal has no medicine.


Thousands of miles apart,
Our love grew with no doubt;
Each beat of my heart,
Recites your name a loud.

With my eyes closed,
I dream about you;
Not all the paths but you, I chose,
You filled in me – a life new.

With a roar, my eyes cried,
My heart sank, my soul died,
In the end, my life dried,
To be with you, hard I tried.

Part of a dream,
I want it to come true;
Glimpse of a nightmare,
Stay away for I least care.

Our faith, our trust, our love,
Holding us together.
To grow old with you,
Is my only desire.