You were my wish upon a star.
Now, you are my everything by far.


What if…

What if I told you,
You’re the only one
From the day I proposed you.

What if I told you,
You’re never the one
After I caught you evading.

What if I told you,
It hurts when I see you
In the pictures with her.

What if I told you,
I was downtrodden by you, and
Nightmares exterminates my peace.

What if I told you,
The wounds hurt deep, and
I’m dying every moment.

What if I told you,
Heartbreaks are deadly; and
Betrayal has no medicine.


Thousands of miles apart,
Our love grew with no doubt;
Each beat of my heart,
Recites your name a loud.

With my eyes closed,
I dream about you;
Not all the paths but you, I chose,
You filled in me – a life new.

With a roar, my eyes cried,
My heart sank, my soul died,
In the end, my life dried,
To be with you, hard I tried.

Part of a dream,
I want it to come true;
Glimpse of a nightmare,
Stay away for I least care.

Our faith, our trust, our love,
Holding us together.
To grow old with you,
Is my only desire.