A bumpy relationship

2 years and 5 months, we travelled a bumpy relationship.

Hard to believe it, but yes, I proposed him; and he said yes. 2 years and 5 months ago, on this date, he said yes.

It all started with commenting on each others’ Facebook statuses and then personal chat. Flirty messages and cheesy talks turned into love.

Long distance relationship wasn’t easy to survive, but we did. Blinded by love and immense trust made our relationship grow. Of course, those fights we had and we still have on silly things make us realise how much we love each other.

Not to be ashamed, but it’s true that we made each other cry a lot and then not talk for hours. But then how can we live without each other? So minutes later, the messages saying I love you baby and I love you too baby flash on the screen.

I don’t know from where it comes, but his sense of humour is out of this world. He makes me laugh so hard that my cheeks ache; and then he says, “Let them ache. It’s a sign depicting that you are happy.” ❤

We promised to stay together, forever, always! And then he adds, “We have to stay together for 150-200 years.

He then pulls my cheeks and kisses his favourite spot on them. He had named that spot, G-spot of my cheek. 😛

I am his Panda (because he finds me fluffy and cute) and he is my Pigu (because when I make him blush, his face turns as pink as a pig).

Happy Anniversary, Avinash! (A monthly anniversary; because we don’t wait for special yearly occasions to celebrate our togetherness.)

panda pigu.png


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