I am your best friend

I was single, witty, and had a few very good best friends. It was fun time hanging out with them. We used to share all the odds and evens of each others’ lives.

A time came when I fell in love with a guy named Avinash. We decided not to disclose our relationship to anyone right away. We wanted some time to know each other. Everything was working fine until my close friends came to know about my relation with Avinash. Just because I hid my relation from them for a few days, they started falling apart from me. Gradually, my best friends became just the ordinary ones.

I was hurt.

I told my boyfriend my love what has happened to me.

Me: Baby, my best friends left me for hiding my relation with you. 😦

Avinash: Do you call them best friends? Are they meant to be called best friends?

Me: But… 😥

Avinash: I am your best friend.

This was the moment when I was moved to tears.

I found a BEST FRIEND in my LOVE.


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