The Unseen

After a delicious dinner, Emanuel and Christine went to their bedroom. They spent romantic time watching a movie together. After a while, Christine made herself cozy in Emanuel’s arms. She was mesmerized by her husband’s charm; while he was enchanted with his wife’s beauty and dazzling hazel eyes. It was an enrapturing night when both made intense love with each other.

She fell asleep in his arms. Emanuel kissed her forehead, cuddled her from backside, and went to sleep. It was a pleasant night until Christine sensed something unusual. She woke up frightened and got off the bed. Her heart was pounding. She felt as if something was watching her. She looked around but found nothing. She thought, it might be some nightmare. She was sweating and felt thirsty, so she went to the kitchen. As she was walking through the corridor, she felt that something was following her; she turned around to see who it was. The corridor was empty. She thought, it might be just her mind that was creating such illusions. Then, she went to the kitchen and drank a glass of water.

Again she felt something behind her. She raced to the bedroom. She was fascinated to see Emanuel sleeping peacefully. She sighed with relief and stood near the window to feel cool zephyr. She was enjoying gentle wind on her face and was ensnared in it. For about a few minutes, she stood there and then she turned around to go back to sleep.

As she turned around, she was transfixed to see herself already lying in her husband’s arms.


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