Power of raising voice

With reference to my blog – Stand up against corruption, I realized that there is an immense power in raising our voice against unethical actions.

I was cheated by Vodafone and when I found that many other Vodafone customers were also the victim of this fraud, I took a step to fight against it.

I mailed my complaint to Vodafone nodal officer and posted on my Facebook timeline as well as Vodafone India Facebook page about how I have been cheated.

The next day I received a call from nodal office. The representative told me that she has gone through the mail I sent, negative feedback that I provided, and my conversation with the customer care guy. She added that the Vodafone team has come to a conclusion that they should credit the deducted amount in my account.

All the time during the telephonic conversation, she was still beating around the bush and trying to make me a fool that it was only my mistake to download payable files as if I am dumb.

Have I been refunded the whole amount, just because I took a stand against this fraud and came up in public to make people aware of how Vodafone cheats its customers? There have been many complaints against the same deduction of INR 30 and INR 99. Why Vodafone did not turn up to answer their complaints? Why is Vodafone accusing its own customers? If they had to refund my money, they could have in the first place when I called customer care support. But they did not. They could have even took my issue seriously when I registered a complaint in Vodafone service store. But no, they did not. They showed up only when I went on social media and mailed my grievance to nodal officer directly.

It is not that I cannot afford a few bucks. But imagine a case where mobile balance is deducted without any reason from low middle class people or poor workers’ account. They have value of each penny they earn. Many of them are not even educated to know what happened to their mobile balance and fall into the words of these fraudulent people. There have been cases where people do not even use internet, but still they have been charged for downloading. Is this acceptable? The answer is – NO.

Corruption is everywhere in India. This is just one case.

I raised my voice against corruption. You should too.


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