Stand up against corruption

Corruption in India has gone viral. Not even reputed companies are left out of this attack. Vodafone is one of this kind.

I am writing this blog with deep regret because I feel cheated by a reputed company like Vodafone. This is my first time that I purchased a Vodafone sim card hoping that I would be getting good services. But it was not the case as I feel cheated by Vodafone. I had a balance of INR 151 on my phone till 2nd June 2015. On 3rd June 2015, when I checked the balance I found that it was INR 22.

I called customer care support; they said that I downloaded payable files worth INR 99 and INR 30 which was absolutely false.

I tried to explain the customer care guy that I did not download anything, but it was all in vain as he would not listen to me and just blame me for whatever happened. I am not that blind to click any random links. And above this, my phone was idle lying on my desk all the time while I was working. So how is it possible for me to download anything? When I called customer care support for the first time I did not get any proper response. I tried calling again and they would pick my phone and not answer. On the fourth attempt another guy answered the call. I explained him the entire thing again but still in vain. When I told him that this was just not acceptable, he told me that all he can do is refund me INR 30 and not the rest. I tried to ask him why, but there was no proper response. They refunded me INR 30 but did not refund INR 99.

Feeling frustrated and cheated I went to the Vodafone office (Rambaug, Maninagar) and registered my complaint. They told me that I will receive a call from Vodafone office till 6th June 2015 and resolve my query.

I went home and searched about the downloaded files that were conveyed to me by the customer care guy. And to my surprise I found that many customers are victim of this fraud. I also checked on the consumer forum of India website and found out that many customers have been cheated like me. I am using the word cheated because it is completely unethical what I have faced and no one from Vodafone is ready to take the responsibility. All they are doing is blaming customers for downloading stuffs which is false.

It is nothing related to downloads; it is a clear fraud case where Vodafone deducts the amount from balance without noticing the customer.

The files are:



I am attaching two images so that you can see for yourself how Vodafone has been troubling its customers. I am also providing you the link of consumer court of India forum for your further reference. Here it is:

You can read how people have written that they feel cheated and that it is a fraud by Vodafone.

I had never expected such unethical stuffs from a reputed company like Vodafone. If it was just me then I would still understand, but it is not only me, there are many customers with the same problem. So this clearly defines how Vodafone values its customers.

“Never encourage corruption and corrupted people. Stand up against corruption. Raise your voice so that you can be heard.”

Complaint from victims of Vodafone fraud

Complaint from victims of Vodafone fraud


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